FT5ZM DVD Now Available!

FT5ZM Amsterdam Island DVD is now ready and for sale!!!!

May 26, 2015

Bob K4UEE and Ed W4ZSB (editor) are proud to announce they have completed this exciting DVD. This is their ninth DXpedition video.

FT5ZM was a truly international DXpedition with 14 operators from seven different countries. The seven-week adventure culminated in an amazing 140,000 QSOs from the middle of the southern Indian Ocean….a long way from anywhere… every contact was long haul DX!

The team challenged the Indian Ocean on the 128 ft. Braveheart, a veteran of many DXpeditions in the inhospitable Southern Ocean. It was nine days each way and the team suffered mightily during the periods of rough seas and their feeling of total isolation from the rest of the world.

The French scientific team on Amsterdam were terrific hosts. However, they only allowed us to travel on the island during daylight hours due to the rough terrain and the animals, so we adopted 12 and 24 hour radio shifts. The days and nights were long indeed. Still, the team pulled together and with true international cooperation got the job done with more QSOs than anyone would ever expect.

The whole story is covered in the DVD up to and including the surprise ending. This DVD details a great DX adventure, shows the dedication of 14 diverse hams, the Braveheart crew and the members of the French scientific contingent. All-in-all — this is one of the GREAT ones!

FT5ZM was the winner of “DXpedition of the year” for 2013-14. This DVD is a perfect addition to your Ham Video collection. Go to: www.k4uee.com/dvd to order your copy.