Angels come in many forms… By N6PSE

AngelLight There has been a lot said of lately about “Angels” and their role or involvement with a Dxpedition. Some Dxpeditions have an Angel who is generously matching their donations. This is very uncommon but a very nice situation to have. Angels come in various forms and sizes. The kids at Dorothy Grant Elementary School, who recycled bottles and cans to give the Intrepid-DX Group’s VP8 Team $250 are all Angels. Their teacher and mentor, Beverly Matheson-WA6BK is an absolute Angel for stimulating the hobby of Amateur Radio at her school. A few months ago, the VP8 team put out a plea for funding so that we could obtain a BGAN terminal to upload logs during the VP8 Dxpedition. An anonymous European Angel stepped forward and generously donated the entire amount of funds necessary for this purchase. A major Dxpedition such as VP8STI/VP8SGI could not move forward without all of our Angels. Companies such as Elecraft, ICOM, SteppIR, Force 12, DX Engineering, Array Solutions, these people not only produce fine products, but they also work behind the scenes to enable well planned Dxpeditions to be well equipped and to move forward. Tim Duffy-K3LR, Mike Mertel-K7IR, Bill Hein-AA7XT, Eric Swartz-WA6HHQ and Ray Novak-N9JA are significant figures working behind the scenes to make DX happen. The people at the Northern California DX Foundation and INDEXA work tirelessly, all year to raise money in support of various Dxpeditions. Without their support, most Dxpeditions would fall well short of their needs and would not be able to move forward. Indeed, Angels come in many forms. Many DX Clubs and Associations around the country and around the globe do their part and much more to support rare DX. The German DX Foundation is always interested in supporting good projects. The Clipperton DX Club, the Chiltern DX Club, the Northern California DX Club, The Lone Star DXA, The South West Ohio DX Association and many more contribute in a big way to the success of many Dxpeditions. As we move forward with our plans to activate VP8STI/VP8SGI, I think it’s important that we look back at where we started and where we are today. Without all of our Angels, our journey would have ended long ago. Thank you to our donors, sponsors and contributors at every level. Thank you for llowing us to move our dream of activating these islands forward. Thank you for your onfidence and your support. We could not complete this effort without all of you. What do you think? Paul N6PSE