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Biografía: Licensed since 1991 as HJ3SGP, a year later thanks to my license upgrade I was granted HK3SGP. On 2004 while traveling to Malta (9H) I asked a callsing and got 9H3GP. In 2006 I changed my callsign to HK3W. Also during several years I was active on contests and activities using my special callsign 5K3W. As of today I have the following awards: Phone DXCC Honor Roll, Mixed DXCC Honor Roll, WPX 160Mts Award of Excellence (Plaque) (First on HK) DXCC (CW-RTTY-SSB), 5BWAC, 5BWAZ, 8BDXCC, TPA #223, #1 on HK, WAZ RTTY #1 HK, A1 Operators Club, WPX SSB, WPX MIXED, WPX Honor Roll Digital, WPX Honor Roll Mixed, WPX Honor Roll CW, WPX Honor Roll SSB; ARRL Challenge (2253), Sponsor of more than 30 world wide DXPeditions such as: 1A0C, 3D2CR, 3D2GC, 3D2R, 3W3MD, 3W6C, 7O6T, 9U4U, CY9M, D64K, D67GIA, E51M, EP6T, FT4TA, FT5ZM, H44KW, HK0NA, K1N, K5D, PJ4C, PJ7E, S21ZBB, ST0R, T32C, TI9/3Z9DX, TN2T, TO2TT, TO6T, TX5K, VK9MT, VK9X/K7CO, VK0EK, VP6DX, VP8O, VP8STI, VP8SGI, XR0ZR, YI9PSE, Tromelin 2016., RumLogNG, WRTC 2014, DXForme, DXWorld. Active member of ARRL (Life Member), ARRL DXCC Card Checker, NCDXF, ARLHS, LoTW, CDXC, Araucaria DX Group A1Op.Club. As of today I have credited on ARRL's DXCC more than 320 confirmed entities on CW and more than 315 confirmed and credited on Digital (RTTY), this puts me on the first Colombian Hamradio Operator to obtain this position ever.

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