TQSL 2.4 release candidate now available for testing @ea5bb @xe1ee @5k3w @la7gia #lotw #tqsl

TQSL 2.4-rc1 is now available for testing. I expect to promote this to a final release in a week unless something serious is found with this build.

I’ve been working along with ARRL staff on a major update to TrustedQSL for some time that adds some support for some critically needed enhancements, particularly related to International Grid Chase.

TQSL now uses an ARRL-supplied source of public information (when it is available) to pre-fill information on Station Locations and Callsign Certificate requests, including grid square and location information such as state, county, province, etc. Grid square entry is now validated against the location for the station’s callsign.

Another critical update fixes the most common cause of users being unable to download and use the .TQ6 file downloaded from the Logbook site in order to recover callsign certificates.

I’m asking for assistance with testing to make sure it’s ready to release to everyone. You can always uninstall and revert to TQSL 2.3.1 but any help with identifying issues with 2.4 will be helpful towards ensuring a successful release.[Note: not all localizations have not yet been updated. Some messages may appear in English. However, we now have a Hindi localization.]

If you’re willing to give this a try:

Windows: https://www.rickmurphy.net/lotw/tqsl-2.4.msi

macOS: https://www.rickmurphy.net/lotw/tqsl-2.4.dmg

Linux: https://www.rickmurphy.net/lotw/tqsl-2.4.tar.gz

As always, thanks for the support.