Kosovo 🇽🇰 (Info Provisional) thanks Michael G7VJR

Hi all,

I must stress this is provisional – it’s possible ARRL will announce a different ADIF number or a start time further in the past, for example. However, based on all the info I have from Martti OH2BH (and clear evidence that the REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO is in the DXCC Challenge lists on LoTW now), I’ve added this new one to Club Log.

Here is the technical info, which will appear in cty.xml.

CQZ: 15
Lat/long 42.65°N 21.21°E
ADIF entity: 522
Start date: 2018-01-22 00:00:00

More news here if anything changes. Uploads to Club Log will pick this up as of approx 10am today. I’ve remapped any QSOs from yesterday for you (but leagues etc will need to rebuild now).

Michael G7VJR