7Q7EI Malawi DXpedition 2018 @5k3w @ea5bb @xe1ee

Dear OM

As a supporter of our 7Q7EI DXpedition, let me inform you 1st of our most recent website update….

With just 3 weeks to go before our departure, all preparations are now complete for our forthcoming DXpedition to Malawi. Our 7Q7EI license is in hand, our 14 man team is complete, station design is complete, flight tickets are paid for and our hotel are excitedly awaiting for our arrival.

Be sure to check out our VOACAP propagation prediction tool to your exact QTH, but right now, propagation looks favourable to most areas.

Upto 5 stations will be QRV on all HF bands from 160m through 10m, on CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8!

The 7Q7EI team will also participate in the upcoming CQ WPX SSB contest in the Multi Multi category.

Thanks to those who have already supported our DXpedition and remember, whoever donates over $20 will receive a FREE QSL card…it’s our way of saying thanks! See http://7q7ei.com/support

Please keep an eye on our website as this will be updated on a regular basis now as we begin our travels.

See you in the pile-ups.

vy 73 de 7Q7EI Team.

Thanks for your support. I’ll send you a few photos once we get there.

vy 73 de Dave EI9FBB

Confirmations recently received via LOTW @5K3W @EA5BB @XE1EE @DAILYDX #HK3W #LoTW #dx #qsos

========== =============== ===========
27/02/2018 JH3CUL 80m
17/02/2018 I8LWL 17m
22/12/2017 PU2RKW 80m
27/02/2018 W9NED 80m
27/02/2018 JR3OEH 80m
13/02/2016 WZ7ZR 10m
3/10/2017 PU2LJH 12m
2/12/2017 PU2LJH 15m
25/02/2018 JF3VAX 17m
17/02/2018 KK4WYN 17m
17/02/2018 KK4WYN 20m
10/02/2018 W9IL 40m
27/02/2018 K3CWF 80m
21/02/2018 W4MRJ 30m
24/02/2018 DJ7JC 17m
27/02/2018 KN7D 80m
27/02/2018 W7ZAC 80m
27/02/2018 JA9FAI 80m
27/02/2018 KM4KBL 80m
25/02/2018 EA3WD 80m
29/12/2017 DF1JM 80m
24/02/2018 IT9AAI 17m
17/02/2018 5B4AIF 17m
24/02/2018 N9BT 30m
17/02/2018 N1NRA 17m
24/02/2018 W8KRS 40m
18/02/2018 N4MIT 80m

3C and 3C0 Republic of Guinea Equatorial @ea5bb @xeee @5k3w #3c0w #3c3w

Dear Daily DX,

Good news! The time has come for second expedition to Republic of Guinea Equatorial lead by YL2GM.

DXCC most wanted list (February 2018):

Annobon (prefix 3C0, Clublog’s most wanted #47, IOTA AF-039)

Bioko (prefix 3C3, Clublog’s most wanted #57, IOTA AF-010)

Dates of operation: 28th of February (obtained license) 27th of March (airplane tickets home)

Callsign: 3C0W, 3C3W

Operators: YL2GM, YL1ZF (ex.YL3AIW), YL2KL, …

Minimal support requirements for logo/call on QSL card: 100$

Expedition website: http://www.lral.lv/3c0w_3c3w/index.html

For news, updates and pictures please keep checking our website.

3C0W/3C3W team


Antártida Award

New Version of WSJT Program

The WSJT Development Group is pleased to announce a Release Candidate of
WSJT-X Version 1.9.0. This is a second beta release, so it’s called
v1.9.0-rc2. A first candidate release, v1.9.0-rc1, has already been
tested in the field by a small test group. A General Availability (GA)
release of v1.9.0 will be announced at a suitable time in the near
future. After that time you should no longer use any -rc# candidate.

Here’s a short list of features and capabilities added to WSJT-X since
Version 1.8.0:

1. New FT8 DXpedition Mode to facilitate high QSO rates in pileup situations

2. Decoding improvements for JT65 mode, including a priori (AP) decoding
when VHF/UHF/Microwave features are enabled

3. Optional Auto-Sequencing in JT4, JT9, and JT65 when VHF/UHF/Microwave
features are enabled

4. Better suppression of low-confidence false decodes generated by AP
decoding in FT8 mode

5. Improved decoding performance for WSPR mode, especially effective at
LF and MF

6. Minor adjustments to auto-sequencing behavior

7. More flexible Doppler control features for EME

8. Improved waterfall sensitivity for very weak signals

9. Automatic real-time forwarding of logged information to N1MM Logger+

10. Expanded and improved UDP messages sent to companion programs

11. Bug fixes and other minor tweaks to user interface

*Public Test of FT8 DXpedition Mode*

TO2SP Saint Barthélemy Is. DXpedition 2017 QSL

3C1L Equatorial Guinea Bioko Is QSL

3C0L Annobon Is. QSL new on 20Mts CW #3c0l #annobon #dxcc

WPX RTTY 2017 Awards @ure_es #Qdure #wpx #rtty #awards

Diplomas obtenidos en el WPX RTTY del 2017, #1 en Colombia #6 Sur America Tribander/Single Element y #2 en Colombia Single Operator Low Power All Bands, Y Si! Todas las QSLs de estos contactos Serán enviadas por el servicio de bureau de EA4URE utilizando el sistema de Qdure. No solo es hacer contactos en los concursos, También es enviar sus respectivas confirmaciones de QSLs “La cortesía del QSO es la QSL.”

QSL of 6Y3M Jamaica New on 160mts CW!! #6y3m #jamaica #dx #cw #160mts