Check if you have the exact time in your MAC or PC @xe1ee @5k3w @ea5bb

Hey everyone – time has been mentioned here a number of times – it’s critical that your time be synchronized in order for you to be successful with FT8. There are a number of great links in the Files section of the group to help you there. Once you download and install one of these programs, it can be helpful to have an outside source to take a peek at your time offset. I was reminded this morning that is a very useful site to check your time. Just thought I’d share.

Major Solar flare

On Sept. 6th at 1202 UT, sunspot AR2673 unleashed a major X9-class solar flare–the strongest solar flare in more than a decade. X-rays and UV radiation from the blast ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a strong shortwave radio blackout on the dayside of our planet. The explosion also likely produced a CME, although coronagraph images have not yet confirmed this possibility. Please stay tuned for updates about this event.