Open Ukraine RTTY Championship Start Mar 4 2017

Open Ukraine RTTY Championship: 1800Z-2059Z, Mar 4 (Low Band) and 2100Z-2359Z, Mar 4 (Low Band) and 0800Z-1059Z, Mar 5 (High Band) and 1100Z-1359Z, Mar 5 (High Band)

Geographic Focus: Worldwide

Participation: Worldwide

Awards: Worldwide

Mode: RTTY

Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m

Classes: Single Op Multi-Band

Single Op Single Band

Multi-Op Multi-Band

Exchange: 2-letter regional abbrev. (state/province/canton, etc.) + Serial No.(restart serial no. for high band)

Work stations: Once per band per period

QSO Points: 2 points per QSO

10 points per new region once per band per period

Multipliers: (none)

Score Calculation: Total score = total points

Submit logs by: March 20, 2017

E-mail logs to: krs[at]model[dot]poltava[dot]ua

Mail logs to: (none)

Find rules at: