We need your support for the most costly expedition in history! @Bouved_3y0z

Request for Bouvet DXpedition-2018

Financial Support

An experienced DXpedition team of 20 operators are in the advanced planning stages of a DXpedition to Bouvet Island (3YØZ). The DXpedition is scheduled for early 2018. This DXpedition may be the most expensive DXpedition ever! Bouvet Island is known as “The Most Isolated Island on Earth”, and is currently ranked #2 on the ClubLog’s “most wanted” list.

The DXpedition leaders are: Erling – LA6VM, Bob – K4UEE, and Ralph – KØIR. This is the same leadership team that brought you 3YØX-Peter I Island, K5D-Desecheo Island, HKØNA- Malpelo Island, FT5ZM-Amsterdam Island and, most recently, K1N-Navassa Island.

We have an extraordinary international team of 20 operators. These team members collectively have been part of scores of DXpeditions and have handed out an amazing 4,600,000 QSOs. The Antarctic and harsh climate experience of this team includes Heard Island, South Sandwich (twice) South Georgia (twice), the South Orkneys, and Peter I (twice). Non-Antarctic DXpeditions with these team members include places like Amsterdam Island, Malpelo, Navassa, Desecheo, Bhutan, Saba, Easter Island, Wake Island, Palmyra, Reunion, Midway, Kure, Fiji, Swains, Baker Howland, Conway Reef, Kingman Reef, Eritrea, Lakshadweep, Svalbard and others.

We have all the permits necessary for landing on Bouvet Island, establishing a camp and setting up our ham radio equipment and antennas. We first applied for a permit after 3YØX, so we have been working on this project for ten years. We now have the right combination of a ship, a helicopter, and a workable financial plan. Everything is in place except our financing. This is where we need your support—the support of your Club and individual members.

The DXpedition team expects to be away for about 7-8 weeks. The voyage to Bouvet will require about two weeks as will the return. We plan to be at the island for three weeks and weather permitting, expect to be on the air for 14-16 days. We will transport our team and equipment ashore by helicopter, setting up on the Slakhallet Glacier at approximately 200 meters ASL. This location is on the northeastern part of Bouvet. This area will maximize our ability to work all continents. We have deliberately chosen not to do a beach landing and operation, since beach landings are extremely hazardous and beach locations do not give clear, unobstructed paths to major population areas. Also, the Nyroysa site used by previous DXpeditions has been declared off-limits by the Norsk Polar Institute.

This will be an all-band, all-mode DXpedition with stations on every open band. Antennas will include Yagis for the high bands and verticals for the low bands. We will run maximum legal power. Our primary station and hardware sponsors are Flex Radio Systems and DX Engineering. We are aware that the low bands will be of great importance, therefore Nodir – EY8MM is working with other low band enthusiasts from around the world to maximize our footprint on these bands. At a minimum, our station count will be nine with reserves in place. We believe we will be able to do EME without compromising resources on the HF bands.

Our QSL manager will be N2OO and his SJDXA crew. We will have an on-line log and submit our logs to LOTW within six months after our return.

Our total budget for this DXpedition is $610,000. As with our previous DXpeditions, the team is committed to paying 50% of the expenses. The upfront cost for each operator is projected to be a minimum of $15,000 plus travel to and from our embarkation and disembarkation point, likely to be Punta Arenas, Chile.

Club/Foundation and individual donors can be seen on our website: www.bouvetdx.org

All donors will be acknowledged on our website. Clubs will have their logos posted with major contributors receiving proportionately more space. The contribution required for your logo on our QSL card is a minimum of $500. For your club’s name on the QSL the minimum is $250. Individual DXer’s contributions of $100 or more will be listed on the QSL card.

We encourage you to visit the Bouvet Island website (http://www.bouvetdx.org) and donate via the PayPal link. It’s free and easy — and you can contribute with a major credit card, even without a PayPal account. If that is not convenient, you may make a check or money order payable to DX Expeditions, Inc. – Bouvet and mail to Bob Allphin-K4UEE the address shown below. Remember to put your club’s name or your callsign on the “for" line.

Please make your check to: DX Expeditions, Inc. – Bouvet

and mail the check to:

Bob Allphin-K4UEE

4235 Blackland Dr.

Marietta, GA 30067

If any members of your club have questions, I would be happy to address them personally. Our team would be honored to be considered for your support of the Bouvet Island DXpedition-2018.

73 and great DXing,

Bob Allphin-K4UEE