Un concurso que Sale del Aire, el TARA RTTY @hk3j_dx @hk1rjorge @hk1x @xe1ee @ea5bb

Esto lo pone a pensar a uno si vale la pena Crear más concursos, estamos llenos de concursos!!

“I am sorry to inform the Ham Radio Community that at the end of this series of Contests, December 2016, TARA will no longer be offering these contests. The very low operator participation does not warrant the cost to us, and after 16 years producing the art work, certificates, and the logistics of running these contests, we look forward to turning our efforts to new ventures.

I would like to say a big thank you to our Ham and SWL users for all these great contesting years, for the staff at TARA, Karen Smith KS2O, president, as well as Frank Tomesch, AB2ZO the contest manager and a big thanks to the many friends we have made along the way.

A very special thanks to MrBill NY2U who encouraged me to produce this series of contests.

SK, Ernie WM2U”