T2R Update – NEWS October 2nd

Band conditions have been extremely poor and our QSO count is not as high as we had hoped. The atmospheric noise is S9+10 from sunset to sunrise – and propagation is very poor in the day, particularly to EU. We call CQ for hours on end without response, but will continue to try.

We have, however, had great success in our efforts to get Tuvaluan hams on the air. We have provided mentoring, training, and equipment to two men who will be on the air working DX soon. One is an Australian living here. The other is a very experienced 11 meter operator. We’ve also had a former morse code operator in the shack refreshing his skills. We will continue to support them as they begin working DX. Nob and Ken (T2J) who arrive here tomorrow will also continue the training efforts.

In addition to these successes, we’ve also had meetings and discussed the benefits of amateur radio with the former Prime Minister who is now the head of the Tuvaluan Red Cross (to whom we’ve donated a power generator for amateur and emergency communications purposes). We’ve met with a former ambassador to the United Nations and demonstrated amateur radio to a member of parliament, among many others. We are providing introductory training courses on our last full day here to many people interested in ham radio. As the country of Tuvalu celebrates its 38th Independence Day, the future of amateur radio here is bright!

If you’d like to support amateur radio in Tuvalu, any donations or surplus equipment will be utilized entirely to help get Tuvaluan hams on the air.