CY9C News 28 August 2016 By WA4DAN @hk3j_dx @5k3w

CY9C News 28 August 2016 WA4DAN

Departure plans from St Paul Island have come into better focus this afternoon. The plans are for the Northeast Island team to depart the island on Sunday morning. Some of the Atlantic Cove team will also be departing their island on Sunday. Three operators will remain at the Atlantic Cove site until Monday morning. Three boats from Dingwall will arrive and loading of all of the gear will take place. The three operators who remain on the island will stay active on the bands until first light on Monday (0900). Several antennas will remain active including the Battle Creek Special antenna. Emphasis will be placed on 160 meters.
The total QSO count as of this morning is 56,789.
One more update will be issued on Sunday morning as the plans are all weather dependent.
Murray WA4DAN