VE3LYC/KL7 Cooper Is. NA-172 @hk3j_dx @charlesm0oxo @5k3w


August 2, 2016

22 UTC: boat has been fueled and it is ready to go. Billy, my boatman is in a meeting at the wildlife research center, and I’m waiting for his meeting to finish. The wind has come down here, but it is still up on the island. I just received a message from Billy indicating that we will get in touch around 23:15 UTC. The plan to reach the island this afternoon remains in place.

18 UTC: I was told by the boatman that he will pick me up soon. Don’t know what it means, but I expect to be on my way to Cooper Is. in about 1 hours or so. Keeping fingers crossed!

It is 6 UTC (10 pm local time on August 1). Instead of going down, the wind picked up this afternoon, in excess of 25 mph, with even higher gusts. The boatman considered a possible late departure, but in view of the wind conditions he abandoned this plan. The rain has stopped a couple of hours ago, and the wind forecast indicates better conditions. As such, I am keeping my hopes for a possible departure in the morning. I am truly sorry about this lost day and changes in plan, but I am not in charge of the boat logistics and I have to rely on the locals and their knowledge of the sea.

Walking around the little town, I learned today that different families have spot several polar bears during the past week just a little out of town, close to the shore, riding on ice flows. Different parts of whale skeletons adorn various places in town, from the City Hall to the Heritage Museum, and the Whale Monument. Lot of baleen carving, which appears to be a local tradition.