“Cows Over the World” CW DXpeditions Planned

Tom Callas, KC0W, has announced the all-CW “Cows Over the World” DXpeditions for 2016. All call sign suffixes will contain "COW." The schedule calls for a summer departure to (in this order): American Samoa, Samoa, Tokelau, Solomon Islands, Temotu Province, and Bangladesh. He may add Nepal and Bhutan. There will be no time frame for operation from each entity.

“The determining factor will be when the pileups die down it’s time to pack everything up and move along,” he said. Callas said he’s spent months researching the absolute best DXing locations for each island and for Bangladesh (he’s secured all but Tokelau). “This will be the only DXpedition that I’m aware of in which the operator will operate from separate sides of the islands,” he said.

The Minnesota DXer pointed out that the west and east coasts of South Pacific islands are separated by mountains, and that he learned firsthand how much mountains attenuate HF signals while he was operating from Haiti. Emphasis will be on 160, 80, and 40 meters. A tentative phase II “Cows Over Africa” DXpedition is on the drawing board. — Thanks

Some Suggestions for Working 5WØCOW :

1. Spread out when operating split. If you transmit in the clear you will quickly go into the log. I rarely work more than 2 – 3 stations in a row on the same exact frequency.

2. QSL DIRECT via KCØW . DX $2 or 2€. USA SASE. No LoTW. Long live paper QSL cards.

3. JA/NA/SA/VK: Please QRX & give Europe absolute priority on 160/80/40 meters due to the extremely short window of opportunity for Europe on the low bands.

4. No duplicate QSOs on the same band after a confirmed QSO. Any station trying to dupe QSO me will have all past QSOs deleted & will be blacklisted. The 5WØCOW log is clearly visible above in ClubLog. Again, all of your QSOs WILL be deleted & you will be blacklisted if trying to work me numerous times on the same band. Don’t be a selfish"Dupe Dummy".

5. Attention USA Stations: Only send your call sign and a signal report. Do not send your state/name.

6. QRV 160 – 6 meters at 500 watts to vertical antennas over salt water. QRV in all major CW contests.

7. This entire DXpedition is 100% CW. No microphones have been brought along.

8. See #4.

9. See #4.

10. Email WØMM regarding any problems with your callsign in my log.

Cows Over the World is a 100% self financed multi country DXpedition. Please be respectful of this in the pileups by listening. You might not work me today, tomorrow or even next week but I will do my best for QSOs with you if you are persistent & propagation cooperates.

All QSL cards sent to my PO Box while I’m on this DXpedition will be answered by an assistant. I have absolutely no idea how many months/years I will be on this DXpedition for.

In my opinion operating ham radio via Internet Remote is cheating & NOT in the spirit of amateur radio. It’s a total joke people are confirming new countries simply by operating latency-ridden CW over the Internet. Please do not attempt to work me if you use the Internet to operate ham radio.