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Watch DXA! ( It is your most powerful tool for getting and confirming your QSO. Look for instructions and information from the team in the message box on the right side of the screen.

DXA Rule #1: If you see your call confirmed, do not call again and do not make insurance QSO—you are safely in the log.

DXA Rule #2: If you don’t see your call confirmed (and you know DXA is working), you should make another QSO immediately.

We will always operate split. Do not call on our frequency.

Please respect our call for a particular station or area. If we say “…ending in zulu…” or “…Europe only…” please respect our lead.

Pay attention to the propagation:

We have propagation information here. In addition, the following sites might be of value to you in determined the propagation:

DX Atlas might be a help to learn the long and short path from your QTH to Heard Island. Pay particular attention to the grey line – these opening could be short but very strong. DX Atlas will help ensure that your antenna is pointed in the right direction VOACAP Online will be useful for understanding propagation.

Order QSL’s from the DXA screen. For convenience, the order page also lets you order a souvenir and make a voluntary donation, but these are optional.

We maintain two major websites: The EXpedition and The DXpedition. These sites will give you a lot of information. In particular, you can read our FAQ and our QSL policy on both sites.

If you have any trouble, or can’t find an answer to a question, use our Contact Us link to open a support ticket. We will provide 24×7 service staffed by knowledgeable and empowered