FT4JA – Juan de Nova 2016

Hi friends,

Last month, we reached a milestone with the shipment by sea of our equipment which marks a definite point of no return for the project both for logistical and financial support. Each element has been extensively tested in real conditions in order to overcome any bad surprise, then conditioned to simplify its installation. In total, just over 1,200 kg of equipment are engaged in this adventure, complemented by what is brought by the 10 operators reaching a total of almost 1.5 tons. Departure for Juan de Nova is expected on 26 March.

Now that we have secured the hardware side, it is imperative to make sure we keep the announced objectives:
– Provide to the greatest number a contact with Juan de Nova, especially for an ATNO
– Special attention to the hard-to-reach zones
– Special efforts on the low bands

To do this we have carefully looked at the propagation conditions. These will of course be updated closer to the departure to maximize them. For Tromelin, they had proved fairly accurate, even for short openings LP and other peculiarities. A schedule such as this one (FT4JA Planning) will be displayed in front of each station and will be the score to play for the operators. Not surprisingly, the areas under the best conditions will be Europe and Japan followed by the east coast of the US and Oceania. To conclude, the most difficult area to work will be the west coast of the US. We will follow these schedules so as not to miss any opening, with priority for those benefiting from shorter openings. This is what we announced and this is what we will do. We rely also on the cooperation of all of you.
We invite you to send now your information to the pilot station dedicated to your area. There is still time to make the necessary adjustments. Once there, our pilots will be the only contact persons. We will be sent daily compilations of your comments to adjust our operation if need be.
Finally, let us remind you that the band plan coordinated with VK0EK is available on our website. The success of these two concurrent projects will rely on your understanding of this band plan and how you stick to it.

Only one thing has changed since our initial announcement: we will have 7 stations instead of 6, which you will admit, is a good thing except for our sleep!
Thank you to all those who continue to support us through a donation. It is important that the mobilization continues. Rememberthat all donations above or equal to €/$25 will allow you to receive the QSL card direct automatically. Our efforts to reduce the budget are important. However, wishing to offer a service worthy of the event, the expenses that we face remain very high.

A forthcoming communication, a few days before departure, will detail the practical aspects, such as real-time monitoring, online log, OQRS, QSL manager. Until then, you have a few weeks to prepare your antennas and your station! We are very busy on a daily basis to deal with different topics. Stress steadily increases, but not as much as the motivation that drives our team!
FT4JA – Juan de Nova 2016

Please forward to ypur Associations, clubs and friends, Thanks!

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Maurice, F5NQL