From Dave NN1N “Response to the “awards sent to the wrong address” issues reported here”

From the ARRL’s Dave Patton, NN1N:

Thanks for reporting on the issue of ARRL mailing items to an address other than what was on the application. Some of the staff

trusted their cut and paste of addresses from over their typing of an address into the label maker. In so doing, the person

made the obvious call transposition, and failed to match the addresses between QRZ and the application. I am happy that staff wants

to get the address correct, but unhappy that the double check failed. We are working on new software that eventually will generate

the labels for us automatically and solve this problem — other than accepting whatever address is placed on the application by the


The best course of action for traditional paper QSL DXCC applications is to use the Online DXCC system and bring your cards to a

Card Checker. For cards sent to HQ, I still feel that one can be confident that we will do our best to follow procedure — which

now will require double checking addresses against those on the application.