How DXA Support Works (By KY6R) @ky6r

How DXA Support Works

by ky6r

To see this operating (simulation) on the web,

One of the things you will see on the DXA screen is “EMAIL VK0EK”. This will let you, the DX-er send a request or compliment to the team. If its a Priority 1 issue, the Diablo DX-er support team will send a message directly to the VK0EK on island Team on your behalf using our 4 BGAN “always on” satellite internet system operating at both the Atlas and the Spit camps.

Traditionally, this would have been handled by a team of “Pilots”, but because we have 24×7 bi-directional internet satellite communication with the team (100% sponsored – gear and unlimited air time), we can handle all requests and support issues using this “flow”:

The Diablo DX-er Team spans the globe with agents across the US, EU, AF, JA and VK-ZL. They are all empowered to handle DX-er requests and feedback, and the QSL Manager will be available to handle QSL issues and log problems (busted calls). There will be no “email cracks” where messages can be lost, and all messages will be prioritized and aggregated automatically – something that is cumbersome at best when done by a handful of pilots and simple email. All agents are empowered – so there is also no bottlenecks or roll up of “daily” information from “Pilots”. Everything will be “real time” with VK0EK.

When the time is right, we will replace that “EMAIL The Team” label on DXA with a link to a form that makes it very easy to send a formatted request or issue or compliment to the team, and if its considered a “P1” (Priority One) by the Diablo DX-ers (who have been told what the on island team thinks a P1 Ticket is), that Agent will forward the message quickly and directly to the on island VK0EK Team.

We not only have 4 BGAN terminals that will be “always on”, we also have iSat phones and of course, Ham Radio to communicate with the team. We believe that no other DX-pedition has done something like this before.