V73D News (Nov 22 2015)


Bulletin #11 – (Nov 22, 2015)

In addition to the QSL policy detailed on our web site, early ARRL LOTW confirmations (within 4 weeks) can be ordered via ClubLog with a donation of 1 €. All donors will be noted on our homepage and all donors until end of November will get automatically a LoTW upload still in December 2015.

To summarize QSL policy:

· The complete V73D-Log will be uploaded to the ARRL LOTW in April 2016

· If you request a QSL with OQRS in ClubLog, you will receive a QSL via the bureau (this is free of charge), starting later in 2016

· All requests for direct letters with sufficient return postage and OQRS with 3 € payment will receive a QSL direct, independent of the number of your QSOs, and also an early LoTW confirmation.

· With a 1 € payment your QSOs will be uploaded to ARRL LOTW within 4 weeks, but no paper QSL

The QSL design is ready and on the way to the printer. You can find it under “Gallery” on our web site.