News from 4U70UN By James K2QI #4u70un

The first day has ended. It’s been tiring, plus a learning experience for all of us. Despite the fact that we were really only able to operate for about 6 full hours, we tried to get as many people in the logs as we could.

If you weren’t successful making contact with us today, try again tomorrow. We’ve got one dedicated op working phone, plus 2 working 2m SSB on satellite. The rest are doing CW. I’ve requested that we try to do some digital modes tomorrow; perhaps RTTY or PSK but again, it’s really up to the op team.

Unfortunately due to limited time again tomorrow, skeds probably won’t be feasible just so we can try to get as many in the logs who didn’t make it today.

Please keep trying. Tomorrow we start again at 14:00 UTC (more like 14:30 after setting up) and will go all the way to 22:00 UTC before DSS will ask us to pack up.

Good luck and 73!
James K2QI
President UNARC/4U1UN