P5, NORTH KOREA (Update). Rick, K6VVA, has posted another update to his
possible P5CW (P5/K6VVA) “CW ONLY” operation at: http://www.p5cw.com
Update is titled “PETITION FOR DPRK AUTHORITIES” and states:
Automated PETITION STATISTICS by AGE and AREA Participation can be
viewed in realtime at: http://www.p5cw.com/petitionstats.php
Tnx to the DX’ers, Contesters and well known DX-Peditioners who have
already participated!
If this ‘long shot’ assist to the current proposal ends up paying off,
there will be some very ‘Special Recognition’ for all those who have
supported this effort. More detailed info at: http://www.p5cw.com