Romeo 3W3RR jail-pedition


jail-QSL & jail-LOG

How to obtain 3W3RR jail-pedition QSL:

To get 3W3RR jail-pedition QSL (jQSL), there is no need to have QSO (there aren’t any transceivers inprison), just mail your QSL-card to the current prison’s address.

Roman Vega
# 59198-004
FCI Lompoc
3600 Guard Road
Lompoc, CA 93436


If your QSL-card makes it through the prison’s censorship, and arrives into my hands, this means that the jail-QSO has indeed taken place.

Henceforth, you will find your callsign in the 3W3RR jail-pedition log below, as well as on twitter@RomanVega_com. Afterwards you will receive by snail mail a 3W3RR jail-pedition numbered QSL card.

According to the prison’s mail policies, a prisoner is only permitted to receive letters, postcards, photos and printouts. QSLs are considered postcards, and generally make it through. Do not send IRCs, postage stamps, green stamps or S.A.S.E., as all of these are considered contraband and immediately trashed (frequently along with the entire envelope’s contents). Thus, it is better to send your QSL-cards only, nothing else.

You could write on your QSL:

TO: "3W3RR/jail"
DATE: current date

If after two months from the time you sent your QSL your call-sign hasn’t appeared on the jail-Log bellow, it is likely that your mail has been lost on the way here or "accidentally" lost in the prison mail-room. In such case, please send your QSL again. There’s a much better chance for your mail to find me if it is sent as "registered" mail.