I am looking for these qsl cards!

I sent these QSL Cards DIRECT and still have no answer:

5V7ZA U$2 Via http://www.dxacrossafrica.com/qsl/ (Not log online)

JT1T U $2 Via QRZ.com (JT1KAA Has not E-mail)

JY6ZZ U$3 Via QRZ.com (never answers my e-mails)

ER3MM U$3 Via QRZ.com

KH2KY U$2 Via QRZ.com (JA1MFR, never answers my e-mails)

ZL2LC U$3 Via QRZ.com,

A71/JY5FX via qrz.com U$2;

5N6NDP Via IK5JAN U$3;

V51RU via V55NBC qrz.com U$4;

Any help will be appreciated My E-mail

73 Siso HK3W